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On March 25, 2016
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For me Amazon is a 5 star website where customers gets almost everything at their place and as a affiliate I would say that this is the best Affiliate program ever where you don't have to wait for payments as it gets easily credited to your accounts.

How Publishers can Earn Money using Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is the leading and trusted global brand that ensures awesome experience to the visitors and for Websites, Bloggers, etc, those who drive huge traffic Amazon affiliate program can give you high rate of conversions that will ultimately lead to higher commissions.

Why to Join Amazon Affiliate Program ?

  1. It is the most trusted global brand, where you can find all products which you don’t find on other E-commerce websites. This is what Amazon symbol indicates that it has all products from A to Z , and the arrow represents smile of their Happy customers.
  1. For Amazon affiliate program, we have high commissions. As Amazon have different payouts for different category.
  2. You get commissions for all the products, once the user clicks on your affiliate link and purchases any product after that.

How to Join Amazon Affiliate Program on AffLinks ?

  • Login/ Signup for AffLinks affiliate Account On
  •  Apply for Amazon CPS (Cost per Sale) Affiliate Campaign
  • Once your affiliate account is approved, you can start promoting Amazon Campaign using your AffLinks Tracking links or Program Banners through your website or blogs.
  • You can track your traffic and each and every sale online in real time. All information is available to you 24/7.

How to Make money with Amazon Affiliate Program on AffLinks ?

 Amazon Affiliate Program

What are Commissions and Payouts of Amazon on AffLinks?

Catagory  Payout
Default 10.80% CPS
Beauty and Health 9.00% CPS
Books & Media 9.00% CPS
Cars, Motorbikes & Industrial Products 9.00% CPS
Clothing 10.80% CPS
Consumer Electronics 3.60% CPS
Data Storage Devices 1.80% CPS
GiftCards 2.70% CPS
Gold and Silver coins 0.27% CPS
Gourmet & Specialty Foods 9.00% CPS
Home & Kitchen 9.00% CPS
Jewellery 9.00% CPS
Kindle Devices 9.00% CPS
Kindle eBooks 9.00% CPS
Luggage & Bags 9.00% CPS
Musical Instruments 9.00% CPS
Office & Stationery 9.00% CPS
Others 9.00% CPS
Shoes 10.80% CPS
Sports, Fitness and Outdoors 9.00% CPS
Toys and Baby Products 9.00% CPS
Video Games 9.00% CPS
Watches 9.00% CPS


After Clicking on one of my Amazon Affiliate links, for how long users have keep an item to their shopping cart, so that I could earn commission for a particular purchase ?

  • You will only earn commissions on any qualifying items placed in a user’s shopping cart within 24 hours of their arrival in Amazon shopping cart through your affiliate link.
  • But this 24 hour window closes once the user completes the order and purchases the item in the cart or reenters other product through another Associate’s link.
  • Once the window is closed you will not earn any commission on any subsequent purchases. However , if user again opens Amazon or purchases anything through your affiliate link, this window opens again for new 24 hours.
  • It is also possible that a user may arrive to Amazon through your Affiliate link and add an item to his Shopping Cart and then leaves Amazon without placing an order. As long as the item is still in the Shopping Cart, there is still a chance you can earn commission if user places the order before Shopping Cart Expires.
  • You will only get Commission in your AffLinks account for Amazon Affiliate Program only when user purchases an item, accepts delivery and remits the full payment to Amazon.


What is duration of Expiring of Amazon Shopping Cart ?

Amazon Shopping Cart Cookie expires in 90 Days.

Why Amazon Affiliate Program is better than Flipkart Affiliate Program ?

  • Amazon Affiliate Program has better Payouts and quick payment process.
  • The more people buy from publisher’s website the more publisher will earn, and for that a shopping website should have all the products with delivery to each & every city and Amazon has delivery of products to almost every city of India.
  • Easy And Efficient tracking of Affiliate links.


How does AffLinks makes Amazon Affiliate Marketing easier for publishers ?

AffLinks in its capacity as an affiliate network entirely revolves around publisher ease and profitability. Be it its auto content monetisation tool – AffleLinks or its integrated single point payment disbursal system, AffLinks leads among its industry counterparts to ensure a publisher-centric ecosystem.

And once you are registered as an affiliate with AffLinks, not only Amazon affiliate program, but also nearly 300 other affiliate campaigns get auto approved for you.

Further if you choose to go ahead and work with our auto-affiliate link generator tool Afflelinks, you simply need to Sign Up for an affiliate account at AffLinks. This single line code, when placed in your website automatically converts  all normal hyperlinks into affiliate links.

Or in case you plan to proceed with network operations as usual, AffLinks provides you with a set of innovative affiliate tools, which ensure all your affiliate marketing related undertakings are smoothed.

For me Amazon is a 5 star website where customers gets almost everything at their place and as a affiliate I would say that this is the best Affiliate program ever where you don't have to wait for payments as it gets easily credited to your accounts.

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