Coupon Feed Offers Database Extension for Chrome & Firefox

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On March 25, 2016
Last modified:June 20, 2016


What is Live Coupon Feed / Offers database tool?

Any affiliate/publisher appreciate the need to communicate the latest deals, offer under way across different e-stores or other advertisers to its readers, visitors etc.. Generally a publisher comes across such updates on offers by checking on merchant directly, or receive loaded emailers which generally land up in spam box and don’t carry the stuff according to your interests. We understand the need for our publisher to remain sharp and quick with the campaigns, therefore we have through this tool tried to actualize this vision of in-browser coupon feed.

How does it aid publishers in affiliate marketing?

The benefits of having a handy access to such data feed for people involved in affiliate marketing are multiple:

  • With this convenient in-browser tool for coupon feed, publisher stays updated and aware of the latest active e-commerce or other advertiser trends.
  • From a publisher perspective, the publisher who reaches out the fastest with the latest offer is the one that gets thing solved for her audience. With a live feeding offer zone integrated in your browser itself, publisher won’t find a faster way to begin the specific promotion.
  • Moreover the tool integrates feature where from you can directly obtain the affiliate link for the offer you wish to promote from the list itself.

What other tools does AffLinks makes available for its affiliates ?

Like coupon feed, there are other convenient tools from AffLinks as seen from a publisher’s perspective. Some of them being :

  • AffLinks’, Content Monetisation Tool, which automatically turns all the regular links on your website/blog into affiliate links. The tool is literally a one-stop solution for all affiliate related hassles of a publisher. After placing a single line code in your website, all your affiliate link generating and maintaining exercises virtually vanishes.
  • In-browser deep link tool – With this tool generating a deep linked affiliate link or just a plain deep link becomes as simple as accessing your browser plugin, scrolling through list of active campaigns and selecting one to generate affiliate link for the same.
  • Click Stats tool browser extension – Another useful instrument for a publish to augment her affiliate business. With live click tracking and reporting, analyzing the campaign performance becomes easier and effective for further campaigns.

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