Deeplink Tool Extension for Chrome & Firefox Browser

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On March 25, 2016
Last modified:June 20, 2016


What is Deeplink ?

Any publisher with experience in affiliate marketing or any other world wide web related engagements understand the need of hyper-linking to a certain web page or indexed or searchable web content rather than just the homepage of a website. Therefore any publisher invariably requires a deeplink tool in order to carry out her functioning.

Thus an affiliate marketer too, in her day to day undertakings extensively require a deeplink tool to generate some specific page affiliate deep link to market some specific web content place on a certain webpage of a website.

AffLinks Deeplink Tool – Deeplinking made easy with AffLinks’ Chrome/Firefox browser extension/plugin

At AffLinks we understand the publisher’s long drawn effort in obtaining an affiliate deeplink for promotion. Keeping this in mind, this browser tool has made this struggle a lot easier for the publisher.

With this Deep Link Browser Tool, publisher can:

  • view all the available offers (be it CPS, CPL, CPI,…)
  • generate affiliate link and deep link for the listed offers

Along with this the browser extension/add on also comes with:

  • live coupon / data feed for the publisher
  • performance statistics/ click metrics viewer

So next time you feel tempted to reach out to your readers/traffic with a latest offer or coupon, the process would be reduced significantly with AffLinks Deeplink tool. Publisher just needs to check latest updated offer from the data feed from the browser extension itself or wherever you spot the offer. Thereupon after login check for available offer list and find and select your required offer from the list.

Want to get rid of manually updating and maintaining affiliate links ? – Try AffLinks content monetisation tool, now.

Is there a way I can completely eliminate this laborious task of affiliate deep linking ?

A simple answer to that would be YES! you can completely get rid of manually inserting affiliate links into your website, blog, and still keep earning equal affiliate incomes. This way you get more time to invest in planning and creating your website/content.

The tool which enables automatic website affiliate monetisation is our distinctive tool – AffLinks. With this tool practically all your efforts related with affiliate link building and maintenance are taken care by AffLinks’ CMT single line javascript code which automatically converts your regular links into profitable affiliate links.

Apart from these what other AffLinks tools aid affiliate operations ?

AffLinks posses brilliant publisher focused tools so as to make life easier for the affiliates. Couple of them, apart from above mentioned ones, being:

  • Up to date Coupons feed in the browser – Affiliate associated with AffLinks relish this tool. It keeps publishers informed of the latest and trending coupons, deals, offers, so on very conveniently right at her browser itself.


  • Click metric analysis and statistics – A thorough examination of an underway campaign is a must for a publisher to improve and thereby grow upon. With a time linked affiliate and non-affiliate click analysis right in the browser itself, publishers find it very easy to analyse and further design campaigns accordingly.



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