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On March 25, 2016
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What is Clicks stats or Click Metrics ?

A clicks statistics / metrics is nothing but a chart or display where information regarding one’s click performances is displayed in a simple and understandable way so as to make driving inferences from clicks pattern easier.

How does Clicks Stats aid in affiliate marketing ?

An affiliate marketer greatly values the need of an analysis tool which could help him/her gauge the performance of her/his objects on their resources. For instance an affiliate marketeer needs to be aware of revenue being driven on her site/blog/page from different resources.

Here Clicks stats is one such tool that enables publisher to study and assess for himself the return on campaign to campaign basis. AffLinks’ in-browser click stats tool provides you a multivariate analysis of clicks whether affiliate or non-affiliate. This way publisher can judge the ‘digital foot-fall’ on her various content editions that too corresponding to time dimension.

There is a ever competing demand dilemma for a successful affiliate to choose among different active campaigns and run some of them leaving out others. Thus this stats tool aids publisher in making a calculated decision according to profitability, popularity, etc. of the campaigns.

How should I interpret or analyse the clicks stats ?

Any person associated with a performing or sale or marketing sector of economy would tell you about instrumentality of an analysis report in conceiving and altering campaign structures and functions.

Similarly for a publisher the analysis of clicks on his/her link or site or blog holds great importance for her business. Any type of insight  which can enable a publisher to alter her campaign pitch towards a positive track is of immense use.

Through AffLinks’ click stats tool,  publishers can judge quality and quantity of their traffic, visitors and conversions varying as a function of time. So for instance clicks on your resource might be peaking during evening hours rather than during morning ones, also weekends might be more profitable for your campaigning over the weekdays and so on.

What other tools AffLinks makes available for its affiliates ?

There is quite a list of tools by AffLinks which makes affiliate operations easier for the publishers. Some major being

  • AffLinks’ automatic link generator thus a Content Monetisation Tool. The tool is literally a one-stop solution for all affiliate related hassles of a publisher. After placing a single line code in your website, all your regular links automatically become revenue-generating affiliate links.


  • Deeplinking browser tool – choose and pick the campaign you wish to run right from your browser and more importantly obtain affiliate link or deeplink for the same in your browser itself.


  • Coupon feed / Offers database –  This tool enables our publishers to remain at edge in reference to making latest deals/offers available to their audience.  Live feed of coupon in the plugin makes it easy and convenient for the publisher to remain updated and therefore further communicate the update to her audience.

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